ReMusica Festival

ReMusica 2004

Fourth Edition of the International Festival of New Music, that will be presented this year with a amended name “ReMusica” is founded on fundamental postulates, with many ambitions, we have announced in the very beginning of this festival, four years ago, and these were – presentation of the music of the XX century in front of the Kosovar audience, performed by European and world competent ensembles, presentation of the Kosovar composers’ and Albanian in general composition in such competition where it can rightly evaluate itself, its advantages and its weaknesses. This confrontation with music with genuine world values will make it more responsible for excelling distinctive features and at the same time make it more communicative with the current flow of the European music. This year we will start with a new initiative – incorporating into the program, time after time, of the pieces from earlier stylistic eras with which the current new music could draw content’s and logical parallels.
Thus, starting from the first night, in the program will be monumental piece of the German Romancer Franz Schubert “La jeune fille et la mort””.

Impulsion and advocacy of new pieces will be still main goal of the Festival. As a result of our effort, in this year’s edition of the Festival will be presented several pieces. The Festival will be opened with a premiere piece – “Concert for Saxophone, string orchestra and percussion” of the composer Valton Beqiri, a piece that was ordered by the Festival. In continuance of this, the number of young composers presence in this Festival is increasing, such as, Arta Zeqiraj, Kushtrim Gashi, Dafina Zeqiri, Vullnet Tahiri that will present this year their new pieces.

In the organization field, the Festival is facing several difficulties which make our way exhausting and sometimes disappointing. Despite this, we have been encouraged by our friends worldwide and were supported by Liaison Offices and different Foundations that supported artists from their respective countries to participate in our Festival. Entrance of our Festival into the ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music), as its regular member alleviates the communication with our colleagues in the world. The International Festival of the New Music – “ReMusica” as a unique event in Kosovo dedicated to the Kosovar’ composition, rightfully expects entente and a great support.

Rafet RUDI