ReMusica Festival

ReMusica 2014

Today’s stylistic diversity

Today’s era, as no other historical period, brings a new phenomenon – intensive, snag-less, coexistence of various stylistic streams and orientations. This diversity, as the characteristic of this era, has been accepted by ReMusica and embedded it in its programme physiognomy.

ReMusica’s new motto, promoted in the recent years, relies on the principle of updating or regenerating of what has happened in the past. Time voices that even the most successful and innovative music streams of the XX century, essentially represent indirect reflection of the past music, thus testifying the continuity of life. The matter of life is inseparable.
In this year’s edition, stylistic clashes are clearly emphasized. In one evening we present magnificent Goldberg Variations, composed by Baroque genius J. S. Bach, and pieces of minimalist character of the recent years (the concert of the Dutch pianist M. Worms).  Another evening, we have the clash between the recent tuba literature and Romantic era, the appealing cycle “The Seasons” by P. I. Tchaikovsky, interpreted by today’s most prominent Albanian pianist, Merita Rexha-Tërshana.

Our old friend Petrit Çeku has returned again to the stage of ReMusica, after a number international achievements that make him one of the few Kosovar breakthrough artists.

Also, this year we present for the first time, some of the most qualitative artists presented on the Kosovar music stage in the recent years. They are: Thomas Leleu, a virtuoso tuba player, acclaimed as the virtuoso of the year in France in 2012, at the French Grammy awards; and World known percussion ensemble ‘Kroumata’ from Sweden.

For the first time at ReMusica Festival, a Polish trio will perform a program of a wide range styles, starting from Chopin, to the premier piece of a young Kosovar composer, Adrian Halimi.

The concert of Kosovo Philharmonic Choir, will mark the 105th birthday of the composer Lorenc Antoni, and the 65th birthday of the Choir’s conductor Rafet Rudi, with the premiere of his most recent vocal-instrumental piece ‘Kurorë glëmbash” (a fifth piece of Arbresh ‘Cikli Afresk’).

This year’s Pedagogical concert is dedicated to guitar. A number of miniatures have been commissioned from Albanian composers, whose theme is based on the traditional Albanian music.

Another particularity of this edition, is the “Choral Afternoon” concert, where six youth choral ensembles from Kosovo will be presented.

A special feature of this year’s edition is without any doubt, the number of 300 performers in 13 concerts, consisted of excellent domestic and international artists, ensembles and choirs. Moreover, at the Musicology Tribune, an interesting topic on Psaltic Art, from XII to XIV century, will be discussed by Meri Kumbe.