ReMusica Festival - Festivali Nderkombetar i Prishtines

ReMusica Festival is one of the main pillars of cultural life in Kosovo, with a specific focus on classical / modern music. Its initial mission since 2002, was the promotion of the contemporary music and conveying innovative expression in the art of music, through channels of different stylistic tendencies of the XX century. For a Newborn country, such as Kosovo is, it has had an enormous impact on the music lovers and others, thus creating a strong bond and making ReMusica the most protruding music festival in Kosovo. The interaction between ReMusica and its public has helped realize the need for broadening the margins, therefore resulting in enriching the Festival’s physiognomy by introducing the music of other stylistic eras, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romantics, and so on. The Festival has had a very important role in promotion of Kosovar artists, and culture through very close and cooperation with prominent international artists. ReMusica is composed of a team of music enthusiasts, with different background, from famous composers and professionals, to ordinary people. It has been a productive cooperation, because of one simple matter that makes us a particular family, the love for music.

We had the honor to receive, among the guest artists: Petrit Ceku (Croatia Kosovo), Aki Takahashi (Japan), Marc Bouchkov , ProModern, vocal sextet ensemble (Poland), Mondriaan Quartet (Netherland), Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (Netherlands), Thomas Leleu (France), Ko Matsushita and Japanese Choir (Japan), KROUMATA percussion ensemble (Sweden), Zagrebacki Solisti – Soloist of Zagreb, Arcis Saxophone Quartet (Germany), Jérémy Jouve (France), Pierre Fouchenneret (France), Premysl Vojta, Stockholm Saxofone Quartet (Sweden), Choir “Pravoslavie” (Bulgaria), Trio Fibonacci (Canada), Elbenita Kajtazi (Kosovo Germany), Rafael Andia (France), Marcel Worms (Netherland), Kifu Mitsuhashi & Nanae Yoshimura (Japan), Trio Elogio (Croatia), String Quartet of Bulgarian Philharmonic (Bulgaria), Ian Pace (Great Britain), Ronnita Nicole Miller (USA Germany), Jonian Ilias Kadesha (Albania Germany), Andreas Lewin Richter (Spain), Guo Gan (China), Lingling YU (China), Dominique De Williencourt (france), Frederic Belli ( Germany), Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium), Michael Finnisy (Great Britain) Orphelié Gaillard (France), Florent Héau (France), Eleonore Pameijer (Netherland) etc.

ReMusica Festival is organized by Kosovar Center for New Music (KCNM) member of ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music) and part of EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe)