ReMusica Festival

ReMusica 2010

One of the main preoccupations when organizing a music festival of the contemporary music is getting the auditorium. Should the non-presence of the audience in contemporary music festivals be accepted as its destiny or should it be understood as a temporary “misunderstanding” between the contemporary music of today and the audience, to be solved in a near future. However, this serious concern has direct implications for the festival sponsors, who still measure and justify their financial support based on the (in) ability of these festivals to attract a wider (massive) audience.

REMUSICA has, since its first edition, envisaged this issue and has continuously attempted to find proper ways to deal with it a find a good way to communicate with the audience. It has succeeded in having its own audience throughout nine years of its existence.
In this year’s edition, REMUSICA brings innovation, rich and attractive program for the audience, keeping the focus on its main goal – promoting the contemporary music and affirmation of the contemporary Albanian/Kosovo music in the international scene.
The first day of the festival, is dedicated entirely to the Albanian Music, brought to us by the Camerata Tirana. In the following evenings, we will enjoy concert recitals of two world known artists from France and Germany – the cellist Dominique de Williencourt and the new young trombonist Frederic Belli (who will also perform with the Kosovo Philharmonics). In the programme of these two artists (as always in REMUSICA ) the performing of Kosovar composers works is foreseen .
The unique feature of this edition is the increased number of the performing ensembles, which as it is known, is not so easily accomplished. This is why beside the large ensembles such as Kosovo Philharmonics and its Choir and Camerata Tirana ensemble, the following ensembles will take part: Sonoris ensemble from Skopje and Croatian Ensemble of Accordions.
Marking the year of Chopin – Remusica will offer a specific concert where the works of Chopin performed by Pianist Yllka Istrefi (UK) interacting with the electronic music works based on Chopin music.
Convinced that the electronic music may easier attract the youngsters, the Italian Composer Lucio Garau will present the children’s concert with electronic music (REMUSICA JUNIOR) based on the Brother Grim tales. The educational component, similar to last year’s edition, will be marked by the call for composers to create new works (this year reserved for piano miniatures works) based on Albanian folk music. (The matine concert of the 25th of May).
The REMUSICA-s tradition to mark the important anniversaries will continue. This year we will mark the 75 birth anniversary of two Albanian composers – Vinçenc Gjini and Feim Ibrahimi (Musicological Tribune – 20 May). In the attempts to initiate an international debate for the general problems of a music festival organizational aspects, REMUSICA will organize a Two-day International Conference (22, 23 May) with the participation of prestigious European Festival organizers with whom REMUSICA closely cooperates.

Rrafet Rudi, composer