ReMusica Festival

ReMusica 2013

Reflection in the water

In the second decade of its life, REMUSICA started with a new physiognomy, a physiognomy built on three key components: 1) popularity of contemporary music, 2) intertwining of the new music with the music of other eras (Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism) and 3) actualization of creations of Kosovar/Albanian composers, thus proving a specific and semantic relationship that they may have.

A 100 year experience of the new music proves its logic connection with other stylistic eras. The reflection of emotion from the extraordinary Classical music to new music is seen at every stage of its development. Time indicates that most successful and innovative music of XXth century, are basically, (whether) indirect reflection of old music, thus respecting essential evoluative phenomenon of art. Every new stylistic era contains the element of reviving, regeneration of the past. Therefore, it is proved the continuity of life. Life’s tissue is unbreakable. This year, exactly in this postulate, ReMusica’s program content is built.

Visual aspect of the Catalogue (French author Virginie V.) is founded on reflection of objects in water (photography by Donika R.), which is the festival’s motto, while in this edition’s 12 concerts of the program itself, stylistic eras, the experience of different cultures, are naturally intertwined, thus proving causality of art’s reflection in life and music itself. It is all one ReMusica.

Festival begins with a magnificent work of contemporary Latvian composer Ēriks Ešenvalds (22nd May), Albanian composition, based on the old Albanian legend of a walled-in women. Chinese worldwide known artists, Lingling Yu and Guo Gan, without any doubt are the most eminent names appearing on the Pristina’s music stage ever. Virtuous on erhu (Chinese traditional instr.), Guo Gan (in duo with Lang Lang, today the most attractive and famous pianist in the world) is currently followed by masses in most prestigious halls in the world. On 26th May with orchestra and 28th May a Recital, will be appearing one of the most perspective young artists in Europe, the Albanian Ermir Abeshi, finalist of Queen Elisabeth Competition, winner of Lipizer Competition, etc. With the objective of promoting their newest CD, ReMusica presents an authoritative violinist Klaidi Sahatçi, a first concert master of Teatro La Scala Orchestra in Milan, as well as of Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich, followed by a respected pianist Dhurata Lazo (27th May). After collaborating with Jesse Norman and Munich Philharmonics, violinist Ulrich Von Wrochem will be preforming his own Recital.


A particularity of this year’s edition, without doubt, is the number of participants in 12 concerts of the Festival, which is above 200.


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